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Digiterm is an innovative manufacturer of customized
medical solutions

Within the Onlimed Company Group, product design and assembly is carried out by Digiterm Ltd, and the necessary mechatronic manufacturing capacity is provided by Innomechanika Ltd.
As a full-service outsource manufacturing partner, Digiterm can quickly and cost-effectively convert your component and sub-assembly designs into finished medical devices.

  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience
  • From prototyping to mass production
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 certification

Our Services

When you hire Digiterm for our contract manufacturing services, we take over the entire manufacturing and assembly process from start to finish.

Production process customization

Design of optimal production technology and manufacture of the necessary auxiliary tools and equipment.
Product design optimisation for economical series production.

Flexible assembly from components to end-products

Electromechanical assembly of machines and equipment. We undertake the mechanical and electronic assembly, inspection and packaging of complete medical devices.

Precision metalwork and powder coating

Laser cutting, bending, laser welding of device housings, CO welding of mechatronic parts, etc.
Surface preparation and electrostatic powder coating – sintering.

Final testing, packaging and shipping

Our manufacturing, testing and quality procedures ensure the highest level of quality and reliability for each build assembly we produce. We deliver products over 40 countries worldwide.

Our Features

Low and high volume contract manufacturing services

Complex services

We undertake manufacturing, mechanical and electronic assembly, inspection, packaging, labelling and storage of complete medical components or devices.

Mechanical and electronic engineering services

We offer full scale of design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing process optimization services, too.

Latest technology

3D laser cutting and seamless laser welding robotic manufacturing cell. High precision capability of producing extremely complex parts.

MDR compliance

Digiterm operates MDR compliant quality management system, having special know-how in the field of medical device manufacturing quality management.

Door-to-door delivery

We have 30 years of international logistic experience and extensive network of partners in shipping to several countries around the world.

Worldwide references

Digiterm is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech medical chairs, which can be perfectly customized, including design, intelligent Comfort & Safety features.

Company Introduction Video

PCB and Electronic Subcomponent Assembly

Our manufacturing, testing and quality procedures ensure the highest level of quality and reliability for each device assembly we produce. Digiterm electronic subcomponent assembly contract manufacturing is full service, including:

Full-scale supply chain management for true “turnkey” solutions.

Including worldwide component sourcing, detailed material planning, custom packaging, logistics and inventory management (LEAN, Kanban, JIT and custom stocking programs).

Verification and testing

Including electrical testing and simulated functional testing.

Technological Capabilities

Full scale of state-of-the-art metalworking technologies.

Laser cutting


3D Laser Welding

Surface treatment


We deliver tailor-made products over 40 countries worldwide.

Dialysis Therapy

Infusion Therapy

Recovery Rooms

TMS Therapy

Quality Management System

Our main target is building customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.
In order to reach our aims ISO 9001:2015 for product and services quality and ISO 13485:2016 especially for the quality of medical products are being maintained. Conformance with the requirements of the standards is beeing audited regularly. Not all suppliers have all the right medical approvals, and it often proves hard to guarantee 100% traceability under MDR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our diverse production capabilities give you a wide range of options for completing your project on time and on budget. We manufacture wide range of medical treatment chairs for the world's leading dialysis networks, components for dialysis machines and laboratory instruments, painted metal parts etc.
To get started in partnering with Digiterm simply contact us to tell us about your project.
Digiterm offers 3D engineering design, prototyping, and manufacturing support. Once we see your project, we can work with you on getting samples made.
Digiterm Group has incorporated Lean Manufacturing into all of its facilities. Lean manufacturing is a production method aimed primarily at reducing times and cost within a production environment. It also is aimed at improving flexibility and response times from suppliers to customers.
Digiterm is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, conforms to European CE and MDR standards for acceptability of medical assemblies.
It depends on the complexity of the product, but Digiterm focuses on 50-3000 units/year projects.
Lead time is affected by many factors: the complexity of the product, the maturity of the design documentation and the use of special materials or components. The lead time can be defined after thorough analysis of the technical documentation of the product.

Want to cooperate with us?

Contact our customer service team and get personal help for all your product related questions.

Let’s talk about your project.

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